"Haus Sankt Ulrich"
much more than just a conference hotel!

For more than 30 years, groups, associations and companies made best use of our facilities to organise conferences and seminars. The "Haus Sankt Ulrich" hotel caters for around 65000 guests each year.

Several buildings have been built on the site of Saint Afra’s grave: a late Gothic basilica, as well as a pre-Roman and a Roman church. It was right here, where Bishop Ulrich found his last resting place. In 1012 Benedictine monks from Tegernsee founded the Benedictine monastery Saint Ulrich and Afra. The church in its present form was completed around 1600.

Saint Ulrich ...

… was born in 890 in Wittislingen as the son of a wealthy noble family and sent to St. Gall in Switzerland for his education.

Ulrich was appointed bishop of Augsburg in 923 and lead the diocese of Augsburg for 50 years in an exemplary way.

His work mainly focused on the secular and regular clergy, the structure of the liturgy and the care for the poor. With his key role during the Magyar attacks in 955 he became an important part of Augsburg’s history. Ulrich is known and revered as one of the leading German bishops of the 10th century and was the first saint to be officially canonized in 993, 20 years after his death.

The people of Augsburg still cherish the memory of this grand patron saint of the diocese. The annually celebrated week of worship ("Ulrichwoche") is a big success in the region and beyond.

Saint Afra ...

… died as martyr in the persecution of Christians during the reign of emperor Diocletian in 304 in Augsburg. Her name is closely linked to first accounts of Christian life in this city. The 8th century tale of her life as a worshipper of Venus and her subsequent conversion and suffering is legendary.

To this day, her remains are kept in our Basilica. She is venerated as second patron saint of the city and of the diocese of Augsburg.